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Produzione mescole di gomma

Production of rubber compounds

All rubber-based items are essentially composed of compounds in which "raw rubber", whether of natural or synthetic origin, constitutes a matrix in which various other substances called "ingredients" are either dispersed or dissolved.

One or more elastomers may be present in a compound provided they are compatible with each other, as well as a number of different variable ingredients, ranging in quantity from just a few units to about twenty for each compound.

DER-GOM has always offered products of high technological value to the market, formulated to satisfy the most advanced specifications in various sectors. Thanks to constant research and close customer contact, DER-GOM is able to supply a wide range of rubber formulations today, both Natural: NR and Synthetic: SBR-BR, NBR-HNBR XNBR, IIR-BIIR-CIIR, EPM-EPDM,AEM-ACM, VMQ-FMQ, CR, CM-CSM, CO-ECO, AU-EVM, FKM.
It is able to meet demands both in terms of specifications and the specific technical and process requirements of its customers.

Produzione mescole di gomma
Produzione mescole di gomma

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