What is the Singapore Grand Prix?

In 2008 in Singapore a new route for the stage of the world Grand Prix Marina Bay was officially opened. To date, it is considered one of the most expensive and equipped routes of all seventy-two existing ones. Marina Bay consists of 53 circles with a length of 309.08 kilometers, while the entire route is laid along the streets of the city, making the stage of Formula 1 in Singapore one of the most spectacular.
Grand Prix of Singapore
It should be noted that Marina Bay was the first route of this level on the Asian continent, but the most important thing is that the race on this route takes place at night, which adds additional responsibility and adrenaline to the racers. Traffic along the track is directed counterclockwise, which is also quite a rare phenomenon, and the maximum speed of the longest straight section of Raffles Boulevard is 300-305 kilometers per hour. As for the turns, the most complex of them is passed at the speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

About the Route

The racer Kimi Raikkonen set the track’s record, and Felipe Massa showed the best time in the qualification before the arrival in 2004.

The Marina Bay track provides 24 relatively safe turns, where it is necessary to maintain the maximum concentration, and the load on the braking system and chassis increases, due to frequent overcoming of obstacles. Among the features of singapore race route there are bumpy areas caused by the state of the relief where the car literally jumps. The most dangerous turn Variante della Roggia requires the speed not exceeding 100 kilometers per hour, and in the turning section of Curve del Serraglio racing cars often fly out onto the gravel site, due to the wrong actions of some pilots.

Results of the Grand Prix of Singapore 2017

It is still a long time before the start of the stage in 2018, so it’s time to work up your appetite, remembering the past edition of the Singapore car race.

British superstar Lewis Hamilton became the triumphant in the 14th edition of Formula 1. And if at the Gran Premio d’Italia 2017 the racer in free races and qualifications immediately took over a leadership, then during the Singapore stage, the pilot of the “Silver Arrows” initially gave the impression of a lame duck.

Free Races

In free practice, none of the representatives of Mercedes enters the top three. In the first and second training, Daniel Riccardo became the best, and in the third – his partner in the “Red Bull” Max Verstappen.

Lewis did not shoot in the qualifying races. The legend of British motorsport was only the fifth. As a result, he started the race from the third row of the grid. Here’s the way the top 5 looked like:

  • Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari);
  • Max Verstappen (“Red Bull”);
  • Daniel Riccardo (“Red Bull”);
  • Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari);
  • Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).


Immediately Raikkonen, Alonso and Verstappen did not do the business. The Dutchman tried to attack the Finn. The pilot from Suomi answered in the same way. The result of the Dutch-Finnish battle is the broken cars of both parties of the dispute and the car of Fernando Alonso.

It was a black Ferrari day. On the straight section, between the turns 4 and 5, Vettel’s car went off the track quite unexpectedly. This is minus one competitor more. Hamilton took over the lead. Further, the British had only to keep the advantage and not to allow shabby competitors to come close, which he coped with brilliantly. The result is the 7th victory of the Englishman in the 68th season of Formula 1.

The 15th edition of Singapore Grand Prix will be held from 14 to 16 September 2018.